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09 April 2011

I Hate Myself

 I Hate Myself is an emo band that formed in Florida in 1996 and split a few years after, however there were two reunion shows in 2003 and they had planned on releasing a few more tracks that were originally unreleased but no word has still come up yet. Many people have considered this band to be a joke do to the name and lyrics, this however is highly doubtful
After listening to this group, one who does not have a good understanding of the sound will have a much better understanding of Emo music. This band has it all, slow clean saddening intros that make use of single strings, clean vocals that sound as if the singer is crying and screams that tie in with all of this expressing frustration along with pessimistic lyrics pertaining to heartbreak, self-loathing, grief, self-abuse, failure and more. A truly amazing band that many people can relate to in ways as we have all gone through times (and possibly still are going through) in which we feel weak and cannot do anything right. Even if you're not a depressed person, it is still worth it to check out this band. Posted here are links for Four Songs, an early ep that features the song "Less Than Nothing" and 10 songs featuring another well known song, "To a Husband at War".

 Ten Songs- <a href=''></a>

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