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19 December 2010


Coroosion is a Deathcore band hailing from Turin, Italy. At first sight it would almost seem like Deathcore would not spread out to Europe but this band proved me wrong. However unlike many Deathcore bands out there, these guys truly have a perfect blend of Death Metal and Hardcore. On their latest release, Punish the Mind, the song Unforgotten Scream is a great track incorporating a traditional Black Metal riff and retains to a traditional Black Metal sound as well.
The band started off as a Thrash band from their origination in 1998 up until 2007  with the release of their first EP Maze of Human Deprivation. Since then they have shared the stage with acts such as For the Fallen Dreams and the Acacia Strain.

Two Steps Before the Vein-

Punish the Mind-

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